Sims 3 Pets Playing

I’m doing this because of my friend Zo, but it’s just a collection of pictures I took from my Sims 3 Pets playing. 🙂

The horses were the thing I was most excited about, and this is Delilah.

Got a turtle! Yay!

Delilah had a foal which was named Eclipse because that’s what the game came up with and I couldn’t think of anything else.

I have a few more pics, but this is what I’m posting. Zo, I’ll show them all to you sometime. Everyone else… meh just enjoy them. I had fun.

My Generations Adventures Part 1

So I figured I’d share with people the family I used to test out things in Generations.I am very trigger happy with the ‘C’ key, though, so there may be a lot of images.

This is Jennifer. I adore her.

And this is Conrad. They’re boyfriend and girlfriend, and absolutely adorable.

Can we get an ‘awwww’?

I failed taking this picture and he proposes while hidden by the half-wall.

No, I don’t know why that car is there.

Pillow fight! Woooo!

I love the waterslide. So do my sims. If I leave them they are always on it.

And Jennifer heads to her bachelorette party.

All in all pretty boring, really.

And they get married under the arch, Jennifer in her nightie, and and Conrad in his normal clothes.

I like the new WooHoo in shower feature.

I put Jennifer to work on the chemistry table because I want to make the potion so that I can make an imaginary friend real.

I like all the little things that it’s added. Like the hopscotch. I loved hopscotch as a kid, so I’m glad the sim children can play it.

Jennifer announces her pregnancy.

I think Conrad is a bit excited. They’r eboth family-oriented, and Jennifer is nurturing, and both have the LTW of Surrounded by Family.


Jennifer has to test out the bunk beds that no one will use for awhile.

I love that my sims won’t be stuck with ugly pregnancy clothes anymore.

And they leave the hospital with a little girl who is named Courtney.


She may be a clone of her mother, bar the freckles, but she is absolutely gorgeous. Also, I love the new toddler clothes and hair. That hat is so adorable.



I think I will leave it for now with this picture. I can definitely go on, I’m just too lazy for now hahaha.